As independent financial consultants, our philosophy is to respect our clients' personal preferences and needs, and to encourage a greater understanding of the financial fabric of their lives. We take both of these responsibilities very seriously. Well-informed clients are able to participate more fully in financial decisions, which in turn can help to shape portfolios that are truly aligned with their values.

To navigate the complex world of investing, we have access to money managers, objective research and an array of resources. Our independent status allows us to sit on the same side of the table as our clients. We are free to choose from a wide range of investment vehicles and structures to best meet each client's unique aspirations.

Diversification is key

When we begin working with a new client, we first develop a financial plan. This comprehensive document becomes the blueprint for portfolio construction. To build the portfolio:

  • We select premier investment managers whose expertise dovetails with our client's goals and financial needs.
  • Within these managed investments, we diversify across a number of asset classes, managers and a variety of sectors.
  • We further diversify by selecting managers with different investment styles, and may add alternative investments if appropriate.

The investment world is constantly evolving - a scenario that must be taken constantly into account. Portfolio construction is a fluid process that requires diligence and discipline. By drawing on industry-leading technology, analytics and our personal expertise, we can engineer effective financial pathways to the future for our clients.

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