What is your first step in working with clients?

First we work with you to develop a financial plan. Typically this takes three face-to-face meetings and analysis by our team in the interim. Once we are in agreement that the basics of your plan accurately reflect your situation, we will walk you through a number of what-if scenarios. This stage is often the "ah ha" moment for our clients. It allows you to take a step back from your current circumstances, and imagine your future in light of various paths you might take.

Together, we map out the ways in which your plan can be realized. This is often an ideal time to include other advisors such as your attorney or accountant to discuss considerations such as real estate, trust or tax impacts. 

After giving you sufficient time to reflect and ask questions about our recommendations, and upon your approval, we will begin implementing your plan. Life is dynamic, and your financial plan must be responsive to that. As we move through the client relationship, your plan acts as a touchstone; we revisit it as needed, typically at least twice a year. The plan provides the context that is essential to making complex financial decisions.